Fullerton College Automotive

 Automotive Specialty Practice
Develop entry level skills to facilitate your success in the job market.
Automotive Business Management
The course covers the automotive service management operations of an automotive business/dealership as related to automobile service consultant/manager by focusing on the repair order as a legal document. It also covers the appointment system, telephone skills, warranties, communications strategies, product knowledge, selling skills, proactive customer handling, and multiple ways to reduce costs and improve profits. Topics addressed on the ASE Automobile Service Consultant Test (C1) will be emphasized.
Automotive Powertrains
Operation, service, repair and rebuilding of manual transmission and transaxle, drive lines, differentials, and basic powertrain electrical and electronic systems.
Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems
This class begins with basic electricity, covers the chassis electrical system, and concludes with computer controls. Topics addressed on the ASE Electrical and Electronic Systems (A6) test will be emphasized.
Engine Reconditioning
Engine repair on contemporary high-tech engines. Operating principles, nomenclature, design, diagnostic inspection and reconditioning procedures are demonstrated. Overhaul your engine (out of the car) during lab time.
Brake Systems Repair (Advanced Course)
Operating principles and repair procedures for disc and drum brakes, including
anti-lock braking systems. Preparation for ASE Brakes (A5) examination.
Engine Rebuilding and Repair

Students will dismantle, clean, measure, perform common machining operations and reassemble an engine. Topics addressed on the ASE Engine Repair (A1) examination are emphasized.
Engine Performance and Driveability
This class begins with basic tune-up and concludes with fuel injection and
computer controls, including the use of modern test equipment. Topics
addressed on the ASE Engine Performance (A8) examination are emphasized.
Brake and Suspension Systems Repair
Brakes, suspension and steering theory, diagnosis and repair, including wheel
alignment and balancing. Prepares the student to take ASE Steering and
Suspension (A4) and Brakes (A5) examinations.
Automatic Transmissions
Operation, service, repair and rebuilding of popular (representative) automatic
transmissions and transaxles, including electronically-controlled transmissions.
Instruction will closely parallel topics addressed on the ASE Automatic
Transmission/Transaxle (A2) exam.
Emission Control Systems and Advanced Diagnosis
Advanced fuel injection and computer control diagnosis and preparation for
State of California Bureau of Auto Repair emissions license examination, and for the ASE A8 and L1 tests. This class is recommended for advanced automotive students.
Automotive Fundamentals
A class for the beginner assuming no knowledge entering the class, and covers all major systems of the car.